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About us

Hi, my name is Richard. I’m not the typical garden guy, but I enjoy writing about home improvement and I also brought some friends on this project to provide useful tips about pests, dishwashers, home gadgets, and other cool stuff. We research cool home improvement related subjects on which you can find very little information online. Enjoy!

Ads and Affiliate Reason


The reason we use Affiliate Links and Ads on this website is to be able to pay for maintenance costs like servers and domain. Basic maintenance of a blog is not expensive, but the time invested in articles, design, solving problems that often appear, and hosting can add up. I hope ads won’t be very intrusive and I hope you understand why we use them.

We receive a commission for every sale made through our affiliate link on Amazon but we never recommend products just for that commission. We only recommend products when they are relevant and they will help you solve a problem. We always suggest trying “free solutions” before buying a product. If you think a product is irrelevant, not useful, or it’s no longer available please contact us and we will remove that link right away.

Contact, Suggestions, Comments

If you have any suggestions, improvements, complains or comments, you can leave a message in the comments section of each post or contact me via the contact form on the Contact page. Also, you can email me at web @ homeliftup.com